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Hear From Dr. Joshua Partain on Spinal Decompression


At West Texas Neck and Back, we’re here to help you find relief and improve your quality of life. We use Spinal Decompression to fill the void of care that patients with injured, bulging, herniated or degenerative discs have been facing for years. Trust in our expertise and experience for exceptional care and support.

Meet Dr. Joshua Partain, DC


Dr. Joshua Partain is a husband and father. He and his wife Callie have two boys that keep them always on the go. Everyday the taxi service circles around baseball and basketball. An old school West Texas native growing up around the Earth and Muleshoe area. After a move to finish high school at Abilene, Dr. Partain “worked” his way through undergrad at Cisco Junior College and Angelo State as a welder during the day and an aspiring medical doctor at night. “Towards the end of undergrad, I found out about Chiropractic. Being mechanically minded, the thought of helping people restore normal function made sense to me. Parker College in Dallas was a blessing for me. One of many stepping stones. My path was destined and lead me to Callie. Professionally, I had no idea 20 years ago it would also lead to a career not just chiropractic but specializing in Non Surgical Spinal Decompression in Lubbock. More than we could have ever imagine. Every day I really do say “I’m blessed more than I deserve. How can I be a better husband, how can I be a better dad and how can I help bless the lives around me.”

For all of us suffering with debilitating neck and back problems and seeking relief through all kinds of treatments, what if damaged disc in the spine was the source of the problem and we never knew it? And what if the damaged disc, with proper treatment, was able to heal and become stable again? We see some of the most difficult spinal cases imaginable and this is the focus of our thinking everyday in the clinic.”

– Dr. Partain